BOPAS provides assurance to Lenders, Developers, Contractors, Housing Associations and Homeowners that construction systems designed, manufactured and installed by accredited MMC Providers will conform to industry best practice in terms of durability and system integrity.


Who & How We Accredit

The accredited designers, manufacturers and constructors involved in offsite system development are rigorously audited and approved to ensure good/best practice is adhered to throughout the delivery process and to ensure their construction systems are validated. 

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From its inception BOPAS has sought to maintain relevance and added value through being progressively updated to incorporate scheme controls to mitigate generic risks to the offsite sector, as these were identified.

In response to Government led initiatives, aimed at driving digitisation and a more collaborative culture within the construction sector, BOPAS+ has been developed to introduce greater focus on the preparedness of the offsite sector to positively address the digitisation challenge.

The ‘BOPAS+’ scheme has been subject to a validation process involving four BOPAS accredited manufacturers all at different positions within the digitisation and offsite spectrum.