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24:7 Living UK can deliver a super-insulated low-carbon home faster and for no greater cost than that of a traditionally built home. Once the site civils and groundworks have been completed, each property is weather tight within one day and fully completed within a week. Construction can take place at any time of year in virtually any weather. This reduced build time means more houses; reduced project management and design fees; and lower overheads and prelims costs – including labour costs, waste removal, insurance, site security and plant hire. A variety of 24:7 Living UK are available to suit the requirements of every type of client. Our services are comprehensive and range from land acquisition through to complete external and internal build – or anything in-between.



The / Living UK Ltd Eco Tech Building System

Modular Eco-Tech Construction System

System Description

The A timber ‘platform frame’ system utilising ‘closed’ timber framed composite wall panels factory assembled and up to 10m long x 3m high, inclusive of windows (project specific). The panels are framed with solid structural softwood members 45mm wide x 170mm, 195mm or 220mm deep, as dictated by the amount of wall insulation required. The 220mm option is capable of meeting Passive House standard. A service void is achieved by 45mm x 45mm softwood battens fixed to the main vertical frame with principle members running horizontally to minimise thermal bridging. All resulting voids between timber members are filled with insulation.. All bottom members of external wall panels and associated ‘loose’ base plates are preservative treated. Remainder of external  wall structural timbers may be untreated however preservative treatment is a client option. Wall panels are factory finished with plasterboard on the room side face and with a breather/weather membrane on externally exposed faces. Intermediate timber floor cassettes and timber roof cassettes are sourced in the UK on a project by project basis.

Durability Assessment 60 Years

Limits on scope

  • Maximum 4 storeys for residential use
  • Bottom timbers minimum 150mm above external ground level
  • External wall claddings must have a drained and vented cavity
  • Climate Energy Homes must be contracted for the design, supply and erection of the structure
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