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Actavo Building Solutions are a market leader in the UK and Ireland off-site construction market. Offering a full turnkey package for bespoke modular buildings across all market sectors. The innovative products and systems employed enables a fast track construction programme with superior quality, without compromising on design.

Actavo Group are a global leader in engineering solutions operating in diverse and demanding markets offering a breadth of services, from energy to events, business support to building solutions, communication to construction.

The Building Solutions division designs, manufactures and installs state-of-the-art modular buildings. With more than 35 years of experience, our Building Solutions team has deep industry knowledge and technical expertise within the Education, Health, Construction, Corporate, Defence and Residential sectors. Using innovative materials that are designed to achieve a combination of optimum energy efficiency, flexible interconnectivity and structural integrity. The specific processes we use to deliver modular building projects ensure that we consistently deliver schemes on-time, within budget and to our clients’ full requirements.

Our volumetric system offers a lightweight building solution to enable fast track construction and allows us to maximise the off-site elements of manufacture at our in-house facility. The solution provides flexibility in its use and each project will be designed on a bespoke basis allowing freedom of choice and design for our client’s and their consultants.

Our experienced design and project management teams allow Actavo to offer a full turnkey solution from concept design through to manufacture, installation and commissioning. The design life of our buildings is 60 years, comparable to that of traditional buildings and will exceed all current UK legislation including thermal, acoustic, fire resistance and air tightness values.

Actavo Steel Framed Modular Solution

The primary steel structure comprises hot rolled steel sections welded together with cold rolled sections bolted to them. The external wall infill panels are timber framed and comprise: breathable membrane; plywood external sheathing; air tightness barrier; plywood sheathing and insulated plasterboard

Durability Assessment: minimum 60 years

Limits on scope:

  • Maximum 7 storeys subject to structural analysis.
  • Bottom members in contact with foundations/sub-structure must be fully isolated from contact with moisture from the ground or external sources
  • Masonry wall cladding cavities should be ventilated
  • Conventional cladding, such as timber cladding, should have a minimum 25mm drained and ventilated back cavity
  • Rendered external thermal insulation systems and/or insulated brick slip cladding systems applied to timber-framed structures must have a minimum 15mm drained and ventilated back-cavity OR, in the absence of a cavity, any such application must be assessed to confirm that moisture accumulation would not exceed normal criteria for the avoidance of material degradation in the site specific climatic conditions likely to be experienced, evidenced by: a) Testing, eg MOAT 22 hygrothermal test or, b) ETAG 004 assessment, or c) Dynamic modelling, e.g., WUFI hygrothermal modelling (including 1% moisture penetration stress). Detailing should be considered to minimise the risk of water entering the structure at vulnerable junctions, for example window jamb/sill junctions
  • Adequate sub-floor ventilation must be maintained to the void below the ground floor (if present)
  • The floor void below the ground storey modules (if present) must be sealed to prevent moisture entering the void (membrane + concrete oversite)
  • Actavo Building Solutions UK Ltd. must be contracted for the design, manufacture, supply and erection of the structures.
  • A chartered structural engineer suitably experienced in the design of this type of structure must be sub-contracted for the structural analysis and design.
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