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  • Appi Holdings Ltd. Panelised Lightweight Galvanised Steel-Framed Building System

Appi Holdings Ltd. Panelised Lightweight Galvanised Steel-Framed Building System

Durability Assessment: Minimum of 60 Years

Construction System Summary:

The Appi Holdings Ltd. system is constructed utilising the EOS Thrubuild LGSF system which includes a full through wall with internal and external finishes – external sheathing, insulation between the LGSF and internal lining. The system is designed for single- occupancy housing up to three storeys high, with the top storey incorporating the roof structure, arranged as detached, semi-detached and terraced houses. Roofs are flat by default. On-site installed elements include the warmframe external insulation, external wall cladding, roof coverings and services (partially installed in the factory and completed on
site). The steel system comprises grade S390 + Z275 galvanised lightweight steel sections consisting ‘u’ and ‘c’ sections forming the external and internal walls, upper floors and roof panels. Panels are constructed with ‘u’ section top and bottom rails with ‘c’ section studs of size and spacing commensurate with the structural design. Each unit is designed to be structurally stable within its own enclosing walls. Stability does not rely on connections to adjoining buildings.

Limits on scope:

  • Maximum 3 storeys for residential use;
  • Bottom members in contact with foundations/sub-structure must be fully isolated from contact with moisture from the ground or external sources;
  • Minimum 15 mm drained cavity behind insulated external wall claddings, e.g., insulated render or brick slip systems;
  • A chartered structural engineer suitably experienced in the design of this type of structure must be engaged for the structural analysis and design.
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