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  • Binderholz Brettsperrholz BBS Building System for BK Structures

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Binderholz Brettsperrholz BBS Building System for BK Structures

System Description

The Binderholz Brettsperrholz BBS Building System (the BBS system) – a system based on factory manufactured cross laminated softwood timber panels that can be assembled on site to function structurally as external walls, internal walls, upper floors, and flat or sloping roofs subject to the provision of suitable and adequate weather protection where exposed to the elements and additional fire protection, as necessary, to comply with local Building Regulations. The panels are made from a sandwich 3, 5 or 7 boards and each board is formed of timber strips, 17mm – 43mm thick x 100mm -200mm wide, finger jointed in the length (to suit panel dimensions). The strips are ‘edge’ glued together to form boards and the boards are ‘face’ glued together to form panels. The panel manufacture is highly automated and quality controlled ‘from forest to factory gate’. The strength of the panels is achieved by use of at least 90% C24 strength grade timber in combination with melamine – urea – formaldehyde (MUF) adhesive to edge joints in boards and polyurethane (PU) adhesive to face joints of boards. Integrity of the adhesive bond is achieved by the application of controlled pressure during manufacture. The panels are machined as required (e.g. to provide cut outs for windows) as part of the production process such that there should be no need for further cutting or dimensional adjustment on site. The panels are available with 3 levels of finish; non-visible, industrial visible or residential visible. 

The panel manufacture has third party European certification (see ‘Scope of Information’) and reliance has been placed on this work where appropriate.

Durability Assessment: Minimum 60 Years

Limits on scope

  • Maximum 10 storeys with building height not exceeding 30m
  • Bottom timbers minimum 150mm above external ground level
  • External wall claddings must have a drained and vented cavity
  • B&K Structures must be contracted for the design, supply and erection of the panel structure
  • B&K Structures must confirm the suitability of all designs by others that could impact on their frame e.g. external claddings and associated details, internal services, shafts & ducts and internal linings
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