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Boutique Modern – Logo Green

Boutique Modern is a Volumetric Modular (Cat-1 MMC) manufacturer and Main Contractor who specialise in affordable housing projects for Local Authorities and Housing Associations.

Our company-wide ambition is to provide truly sustainable housing solutions and maximise value-for-money for our partners and clients.

We pride ourselves on build-quality and design, ensuring our products create beautiful places to live and happy end-users. Our local-scale delivery model is focussed on maximising social value and generating people-focussed community wealth as well as providing the benefits of MMC to our customers.


Boutique Modern Structurally Insulated Panel System

The modular units comprise walls of 2 skins of OSB/3 separated by a core of polyurethane insultation. The panel thickness is 150mm and can be manufactured to the maximum dimensions of 2.0m in height and 6.25m in length. A ring beam forms the perimeter of the floor base panel. The beam is bolted to a galvanised steel angle which in turn is bolted to the foundation.

Durability Assessment : minimum 60 years

Limits on scope

  • Maximum 4 storeys
  • Bottom members minimum 150mm above external ground level.
  • Minimum 50mm ventilated cavity behind external non-masonry wall claddings.
  • Adequate sub-floor ventilation must be maintained to the void below suspended ground floors (where specified), in particular where there is no treatment of the ground to prevent moisture entering the void.
  • Boutique Modern must be contracted for the design, manufacture, supply and erection of the structure. A chartered structural engineer suitably experienced in the design of this type of structure must be sub-contracted for the structural analysis and design.
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