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The Bouygues Batiment International Volumetric Building System

The Bouygues Batiment International Volumetric building system, comprising factory assembled and substantially finished volumetric modules utilising prefabricated steel framed panels and associated steel components manufactured by Bymaro-Morocco which are shipped to the UK.

The modules comprise structural concrete and steel elements forming the floor. Walls comprise grout filled SHS columns with cross bracing. The steel elements are welded or bolted together subject to design to form the frame of the module. The module floor is a reinforced concrete slab set within and connected to a perimeter steel frame. The roof module is a series of purlins set within a steel perimeter frame.

The module floor is constructed with perimeter steel section (either UPE160 or RHS150X100x10 mm (according to structural calculation). Connectors are welded to these sections to ensure the link with the concrete slab. The reinforced concrete slab is 120 mm thick in its central part and 160mm along the steel perimeter beams.

Wall panels are typically framed in 100 x 100mm concrete filled SHS columns (SHS thickness 8 or 10mm typically depending on design) welded to the steel floor perimeter beams. There are typically 8 columns per module depending on requirements.

The perimeter walls of the modules contain the load bearing elements of each module and align throughout all floors. Choice of module type depends on the level of the building at which they are erected allowing for all loads above.

Limits of Scope

  • Maximum 6 storeys for residential, institutional, office & commercial use;
  • Bottom members minimum 150mm above external ground level in normal situations but when modules are located below the finished ground levels the module walls to receive a waterproofing tanking detail to ensure no water can travel underneath the module floor into the insulation zone;
  • External wall claddings must have a drained and vented cavity;
  • Bouygues Batiment International or any of its subsidiaries must be contracted for the design, manufacture, supply and erection of the structure;
  • A chartered structural engineer suitably experienced in the design of this type of structure must be sub- contracted for the structural analysis and design.
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