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  • CIMC Modular Building Systems Modular V- System Volumetric Building System

CIMC Group, established in 1982, has grown to become a world leading supplier of logistics and energy equipment. Designed in the UK in 2004, the volumetric modular system by CIMC MBS is fabricated, fitted out and shipped from our factory in Southern China to many global destinations. With a factory in excess of 1,000,000m² we have an annual capacity of 8,000+ modules.

Through close collaboration with local teams, we have developed fully compliant solutions in hotel, student accommodation and residential markets across regions including the US, the UK, Europe and Asia.


CIMC Modular Building Systems Modular V- System Volumetric Building System

The system is a monocoque steel structure based on standard ISO intermodal freight container technology, adapted to suit the demands of habitation, and built from corrugated steel sheet and hot-rolled steel sections welded together. Each unit is designed to be robust enough so that a number of units can be stacked together side- by-side and vertically up to a maximum of 16 storeys high.

Module sizes can be varied to suit project requirements, maximum sizes being limited only by manufacturing and transportation limitations.

The completed units are transported to site, erected on a pre-prepared base, and structurally interconnected by bolted connections to provide composite action in accordance with the structural design to meet the requirements of the UK structural codes.

Durability Assessment – 60 Years

Limits on scope

  • Maximum 16 storeys subject to structural analysis;
  • Adequate sub-floor ventilation must be maintained to the void below the ground floor (min. 1500mm2/m or 500mm2/m2 of floor area) where modules are constructed off a ground sub-structure;
  • Ground below the modules should be sealed to limit moisture entering the void.
  • The service life of the modules assumes full warm frame construction, where the majority of the insulation is external to the module ensuring no part of the module is exposed to the external environment. Where the insulation is likely to be bridged, by cladding fixings for example, thermal checks must be undertaken to ensure there is no risk of interstitial condensation occurring.
  • CIMC-MBS Ltd. must be contracted for the design, manufacture, supply and erection of the structures;
  • A chartered structural engineer suitably experienced in the design of this type of structure must be engaged for the structural analysis and design.
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