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Citu’s flagship tenet is simple – we exist to tackle climate change. From the ground up, everything we do is part of that mission. Since 2004, we’ve been helping people live more sustainably. Our expertise lies in combining great design, innovation and cutting edge technology to create modern, aesthetically beautiful homes that make it easy for you to reduce your carbon footprint and help accelerate the transition to zero – carbon cities. We’re leading the change- we are challenging conventions and creating amazing places where people and nature can live, grow and thrive

Citu Group Ltd Closed Panel Timber Framed Building System

The system uses engineered timber and steel composite I-beams as the basic structural element for walls and metal trussed web joists for upper floors and roof cassettes. The timber shear walls have OSB sheathing on both faces transferring lateral loads to the concrete substructure via mechanical anchors

Durability Assessment: Minimum of 60 years

Limits of Scope

  • Maximum 4 storeys for residential use subject to structural justification;
  • Bottom members in contact with foundations/sub-structure must be fully isolated from contact with moisture from the ground or external sources;
  • Minimum 25mm ventilated and drained cavity behind external wall claddings;
  • Citu Group Ltd must be contracted for the design, manufacture, supply and erection of the structure;
  • A chartered structural engineer suitably experienced in the design of this type of structure must be sub-contracted for the structural analysis and design.

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