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Construction is changing – embracing new, digitally-led technologies and processes to increase quality, productivity and total value. As a core part of the Claritas Group, Claritas Four Zero is at the heart of this exciting change. We share the same ‘two-way transparency’ ethos but apply that to the full spectrum of ‘Construction 4.0’ activities.

From digital design to industrialised production – net-zero development to AI- enabled operations – we integrate the systems, skills and specialists you need to maximise the benefits new thinking and new technology bring. 

Our approach

We are unashamedly a principal contractor, taking risk on the projects we deliver. We base our approach on exit cost not entry prices, ensuring our customers are fully informed at every stage of every project.

We focus on the near future challenges our customers and delivery partners are facing. Challenges around sustainability, digitalisation, products and components and the industrialisation of construction.

None of these challenges exist independently. They are closely interwoven. Our skill as principal contractor is to be an integrator ­– bringing all the strands together, removing friction, and managing the interfaces, both physical and contractual, that underpin successful delivery.

Project Management

This is for companies project managing work only, utilising different technologies

Project Management Service Providers may not always be linked to a particular Technology, although the Service Provider shall use BOPAS accredited Technologies listed elsewhere on this website managed under their Project Management scope. The use of such technologies shall be subject to the presentation of written evidence of permission from the accredited construction system technology licensee or patent owner, to the organisation seeking BOPAS project management scope, or seeking to use a different technology from that against which accreditation was originally granted.

Project Management Service Providers are assessed to ensure their systems and controls provide sufficient management of any BOPAS accredited off-site manufacturers (and their particular technologies) to satisfy BOPAS requirements.

Reference to the technology used on a particular project is possible using the postcode link for relevant properties completed.

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