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Eurban is an independent UK-based company leading the field in the design, manufacture and assembly of mass timber structures.

In 2003, Eurban became the first to endorse cross laminated timber construction as a high-quality, efficiency-optimised building system in the UK.


Eurban CLT Building System

The system is based upon third party assessed factory-manufactured cross-laminated timber panels (CLT) that can be assembled on site to function structurally as external walls, internal walls, upper floors, flat and sloping roofs, subject to the provision of suitable and adequate weather protection where exposed to the elements. All projects are subject to individual design and the structural verification of load, stability and connections between elements. CLT panels manufactured by Binderholz Bausysteme GmbH are included in this assessment, however, Eurban may source CLT panels from other manufacturers. Panels are generally connected with long screws and steel brackets at locations determined by the structural design. This assessment is based upon the design of apartment blocks up to eight storeys high. External cladding, insulation, windows, doors and internal finishes are subject to project-specific specification and are not included in this assessment.

Durability Assessment: Minimum of 60 years

Limits on scope
Maximum 8 storeys (may go higher subject to structural verification)

· Bottom members in contact with the foundations/sub-structure must be fully isolated from contact with moisture from the structure or external sources;
· CLT panels must be protected from direct or indirect contact with moisture;
· Where insulated render or insulated brick slip systems are used as external cladding, a minimum 15mm drained and ventilated cavity must be provided behind the insulation;
· Eurban Limited must be contracted for the design, procurement and assembly of the panels;
· Eurban Limited must confirm the suitability of all design by others that could impact the durability of the panels.

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