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Fusion Building Systems was established in 2002 and is now Europe’s leading provider of pre-insulated Light Gauge Steel frame structures.

About Fusion

Fusion Building Systems was established in 2002 and is now Europe’s leading provider of pre-insulated Light Gauge Steel frame structures.


The Fusion concept was first developed in 1999 with the vision of creating a less site labour intensive means of delivering higher quality buildings. Fusion offers a unique offsite system, which has been developed first and foremost from a builder/developer’s perspective. We believe our commitment to efficiency and effectiveness on site is what sets us apart.

Track Record

Following intensive R&D and certification work, the first Fusion structures were erected. To date Fusion has provided a portfolio of over 5,000 buildings, ranging from individual bungalows; to housing developments of up to 700 homes; to luxury 6-storey apartment developments and even a 5-star hotel.

Delivering on Innovation

Fusion has a dedicated R&D team who focus on product development, continuous improvements, certification and regulatory requirements. Fusion has a proven ability to bring innovative ideas to practical reality maintaining our commitment to continuous improvement and meeting client needs. For example, our patented StIF panel external wall insulation system was taken from a sketch concept to full operation in only 9 months – having been told initially that the idea was impossible!

The Future

Fusion is committed to continually developing our product range and enhancing client relations. Fusion’s R&D team are focus on forward thinking innovations to maintain Fusion’s position as European leaders in the provision of light gauge steel frame structures.

Fusion Insulated Steel Frame Building System

Fusion – Accreditations – Design, Manufacture and Constructioncontain the insulation and fittings.

Description of the Fusion Building System

A system based on factory assembled structural wall, floor and flat roof panels (or cassettes) framed by light gauge galvanized steel cold rolled C sections manufactured by Fusion using computer controlled machinery that cuts to length, forms holes and presses dimples where rivets or screws are to be located. The steeel sections are screwed/riveted together to form frames on a flat bed production line. Frames for external wall panels have non-structural timbers added as a permanent shutter for insulation and as ‘grounds’ for site fixing dpc’s, cavity barriers and window/door frames. External wall panels are also fitted with patent wall tie fixing brackets or ‘top hat’ or ‘Z’ section rails – as appropriate for the intended cladding. The framed external wall panels are then encapsulated with Neopor injected fire retardant expandable polystyrene insulation to the full thickness of the 92mm studs + 70mm timber ground giving a total external panel thickness of 162mm. Wall panels include diagonal steel straps to provide ‘racking’ strength. Floor and flat roof cassetts are factory framed and held square by a permanent timber deck. The system has various third party certifications (see ‘Scope of Information’) and reliance has been placed on this work where appropriate.

Limits on scope:

  • Maximum 10 storeys with building height not exceeding 30m
  • Bottom channel minimum 150mm above external ground level or suitable peripheral drainage and/or tanking provided appropriate to prevailing ground conditions
  • External wall claddings must have a drained and vented cavity
  • Fusion must be contracted for the design, supply and erection of their steel frame panels
  • Fusion must confirm the suitability of all designs by others that could impact on their frame e.g. external claddings and associated details, internal services, shafts & ducts and internal linings – a ‘Builders Manual’ is issued by Fusion Building Systems to designers and constructors to assist with integration issues.
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