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MetStructures Ltd Framing System

Light Gauge Steel Framing system specifically developed for the residential, hotel, care and student accommodation sectors. The MetStructures Ltd Framing System is a structural solution for walls, floors and roofs formed from light gauge steel shaped sections and trapezoidal decking with concrete cover.

MetStructures Ltd profiles are 1.2mm to 4mm in gauge, roll formed from pre-coated galvanised coil. Sections are factory assembled into load bearing wall panels consisting of a ‘U’ base track and ‘C’ vertical studs set at regular centres with ledgers at head to suit the application. The MetStructures Ltd system can be used to form structures up to a maximum of fifteen storeys in height dependent upon loading, geometry and usage.

This construction is most effectively used within simple repetitive structural wall arrangements between storeys, regular floor spans and direct load paths. More complicated structures can also be accommodated using transfer members (e.g. hot rolled beams) or structures for indirect load paths. Vertical studs are assembled into panels within the ‘U’ head and base track. All joints are assumed to be pinned for simple analysis. Panels are braced with diagonal flat straps (as required by design) and sheathing board may be factory applied to the external walls.
The system has been fully assessed by the SCI and NHBC for structural designs up to 15 storeys in accordance with BS EN 1993-1-3. Load bearing light gauge steel framing is based on balloon construction providing separate storey height frames. Vertical gravity loads from roof and floors span onto load bearing walls down to supporting foundations or podia. Lateral wind loads applied to the external envelope are taken by roofs and floors using plate action, then into braced walls or cores down to the supporting foundation or podium.

Limits on scope

MetStructures Ltd design, manufacture, supply and erect the steel frame only.

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