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  • MMC Homebuilding Limited Singular Living Pod V 2.0

MMC Homebuilding Limited Singular Living Pod V 2.0

Durability Assessment: Minimum 60 years

Construction System Summary:

The Singular living pods are constructed from a combination of light gauge steel, cement board and different types of high-performance insulators as well as MMC Homebuilding’s own polymer concrete (GRC: Glass Reinforced Concrete). Constructed off-site and delivered to site. The living pod is a single storey entity only but has the structural capabilities to be able to be lifted and relocated. The exterior of the pod is the Cedral Lap cladding which is fastened to vertical 25mm deep top hat firings, these are fastened to Z & U-profile bearers, depending on the location on the wall. The next layer is a layer of perforated Low-E (PERF) which encases 5out of the 6 faces of our pod, excluding the bottom. Within the Zeds/Us. 50mm Rainscreen Rockwool and that sits next to 75mm LGS frames. These cavities are filled with 75mm Rockwool.

Limits of Scope:

  • Scheme specific elements of drainage, utility services and foundations are outside of the assessment approval
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