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  • ModPods International Ltd Modular Composite Steel Building System

ModPods International Ltd was formed in 2017 to the call from a large UK local authority to assist with their housing crisis a crisis that is prevalent across the UK. ModPods set out to design 12 standard architype dwellings catering for the needs of every demographic from single storey bungalows single occupant to two and three storey houses (multiple occupants) and finally apartments up to twelve storeys.

ModPods is now amongst the top five Offsite manufacturers in the UK with a reputation for manufacturing robust quality precision built modular housing solutions that are fully complaint exceed future homes standards and energy efficient with added green technology to protect the environment and minimise cost to the occupants.

ModPods are constructed of a robust hot rolled steel subframe with SFS steel external insulated walls and comes with a plethora of available external finishes such as Brick slip, render, Cedral Board, Equitone or powder coated aluminium, desirable living space that is modern and affordable.

Base in Kenilworth in the Midlands and accessible to all major routes, ModPods deliver projects across the UK for more information visit our website

ModPods International Ltd Modular Composite Steel Building System

The modules are based on BW Industries Surebuild system. Structures are pin jointed and diagonally braced for overall stability.

The structural design of the module frame typically incorporates 150x100x5mm RHS and 100x100x5mm SHS corner and 100x100x5mm SHS intermediate posts. Main floor beams are 300x90x19x2.86mm LGS and ceiling perimeter beams are 200x100x20x2.96mm LGS The main floor beams are 450/29 PFC Z45. Module end frames are fully welded and typically comprise 180x90mm PFC to upper storey floor and roof end beams, and 300x90mm PFC to ground storey end beams. Connections between the hot rolled steel elements and the Light Gauge Steel (LGS) elements are generally bolted with flag plates welded to the posts. The LGS floor and ceiling joists are connected to the main beams with cleats. The LGS floor and ceiling panels act as diaphragm panels transferring wind loading in to the LGS wall panels, which are braced by internal k bracing.

The modules are 10960mm long x 4300mm wide over the structure and 3117mm high for the ground module and 2590mm to 3570mm for the upper module.

Durability Assessment: Minimum of 60 years

Limits of Scope

  • Maximum 6 storeys for residential use;
  • Bottom members in contact with foundations/sub-structure must be fully isolated from contact with moisture from the ground or external sources; lightweight steel members must not be in potential contact with moisture;
  • Minimum 25 mm drained cavity behind external wall claddings, or as required by the cladding manufacturer;
  • Adequate sub-floor ventilation must be maintained to the void below the ground floor – minimum 1500mm2/linear metre of external walls or 500mm2/m2 of floor area;
  • ModPods International Ltd. must be contracted for the design, manufacture, supply and erection of the structures;
  • A chartered structural engineer suitably experienced in the design of this type of structure must be sub-contracted for the structural analysis and design
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