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  • My Fab MYC05 & MYC15 Volumetric Modular construction

My Fab MYC05 & MYC15 Volumetric Modular construction

Durability Assessment:

Construction System Summary:

The modules are designed as a closed system and therefore all elements of the module are fabricated and assembled by My-Fab off site to provide the load bearing structure, internal skin of the façade and the full fit out of the internal rooms. The modular elements are prefabricated, inspected and certified off site prior to transportation. The structural principle is hot rolled mild steel frame elements and cold formed metsec type floors, roof and infill wall construction. The completed modules will then be transported to site as a finished unit and craned into position. Depending on the site specifics the modules can be supported directly on traditional foundations or on transfer structure at a higher level. The whole is structurally interconnected to provide composite action in accordance with the requirements of the UK structural codes and as specifically designed for each structure. Each unit is designed to be structurally stable within its own enclosing walls. All connections between panels and with the hot rolled frame are made using self-tapping screws or bolted connections between the cross-braced stability panels.

Limits on scope:

  • Maximum MYC-5 storeys, MY15 15 storeys + roof
  • The Modules have been subjected to 30,60 and 90 minute fire test carried out by the BRE
  • The modules are designed to be no more than 4.5m x 3.5m x 12m
  • The design of the modules is to usual exposure limitations (e.g. wind, driving rain) within the UK – and are calculated in line with BS 6375-1
  • The modules are designed for the following planning uses, C1, C2, C2A, C3, C3(a),C3(b),C3(c) and C4
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