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Nova Structures Limited is a Hampshire-based, privately funded manufacturer of steel framed modular volumetric residential housing. The Nova management team has a wealth of experience in manufacturing modular products, applying significant skills in production engineering, manufacturing technology and land development, fully supported by secure financial backing from private investors.


The Nova Structures Composite Steel Modular Volumetric Building System

System Description

Modules are constructed from a combination of hot-rolled steel and light gauge steel to create structural boxes that can be readily stacked in accordance with the project-specific parameters. Modules are corner supported, with some internal posts along the side walls, and align structurally at their square or rectangular hollow section corner columns. Connection is by means of RHS spigots at the columns and bolts through the RHS perimeter beams. The individual modules are structurally interconnected and designed to meet the requirements of Eurocode 3 and the United Kingdom National Annex. In typical house modules, intermediate perimeter and internal columns are provided if required. Modules are designed to be stacked to two storeys + roof by others. Module and steelwork sizes may vary depending on project requirements sizes may vary depending on project requirements. Maximum sizes are limited, by manufacturing, transportation and site restrictions. All projects are subject to individual structural verification. Modules are delivered to site in a fully assembled, fully insulated, weathertight and habitable, though unfurnished, condition.

Module fabrication comprises cold formed light gauge steel (LGS) floor and ceiling joists spanning onto hot-rolled steel rectangular hollow section floor and ceiling beams (RHS) supported on hot-rolled square sections (SHS) corner and intermediate posts. Hot formed Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS) are fitted between the SHS corner and intermediate posts. Racking is primarily resisted by the sheathed LGS wall infill panels on the long wall sides. On the short walls, diagonal bracing to the primary HRS frame is used to resist lateral loads. The LGS wall, floor and ceiling frames sit within the SHS/RHS frame which surround its perimeter.

Durability Assessment – 60 Years

Limits on Scope

  • Maximum 2 storeys + roof subject to structural analysis.
  • Bottom members minimum 150mm above external ground level and isolated from damp.
  • Masonry wall cladding cavities should be ventilated.
  • Rendered external thermal insulation systems must have a minimum 15mm drained cavity.
  • Nova Structures must be contracted for the design, manufacture, supply and erection of the structures.
  • A chartered structural engineer suitably experienced in the design of this type of structure must be engaged for the structural analysis and design.
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