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  • Reds10 (UK) Ltd Composite Steel & Timber Framed Modular Volumetric Building System

Description of Reds10 (UK) Ltd Composite Steel & Timber Framed Modular Volumetric Building System

The Reds10 (UK) Ltd. system is intended to be a ‘turnkey’ operation, that is, the shell of the building including external and internal finishes will be designed, manufactured and erected by Reds10 (UK) Ltd. The 95% externally and internally completed units are transported to site, erected on a pre-prepared sub-structure and structurally interconnected to provide composite action using bolts, in accordance with the engineer’s fixing specification, to meet the requirements of the UK structural codes. Site works are limited to completing structural, finishes and services connections. The system is formed of structurally independent modules which are bolted together on site to form a monolithic structure. Lateral forces due to wind are transferred to foundation level through diaphragm action at floor levels to the internal and external wall panels. The floor diaphragms act as a deep beam to distribute the lateral loads evenly throughout the structure. Stability is achieved by the racking resistance of the long side wall panels, which form the separating walls between the modules and the long gables. In the short module ends, stability is achieved through the fully welded steel moment end frames.

Durability Assessment: minimum 60 years

Limits on scope

  • 3 storeys for residential use (can go higher subject to structural justification);
  • Bottom members of the timber frame must be fully isolated from contact with moisture from the ground or external sources;
  • Minimum 50mm ventilated cavity behind conventional masonry cavity;
  • Minimum 25mm ventilated and drained cavity behind external wall claddings, or as required by the manufacturer;
  • Reds10 (UK) Ltd. must be contracted for the design, manufacture, supply and erection of the structure;
  • A qualified structural engineer suitably experienced in the design of this type of structure must be engaged for the structural analysis and design.
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