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  • SPS Envirowall Ltd Rendaclad Envirosil System and Rendaclad Envirobrick System

SPS Envirowall Ltd Rendaclad Envirosil System and Rendaclad Envirobrick System

SPSenvirowall Ltd. RendaClad Envirosil and RendaClad Envirobrick Systems, comprising a render carrier board and associated ancillary items with either a thin coat render or simulated brick slip finish, are specifically designed to be used as external cladding on timber-frame constructions of up to 3 storeys in height.

Durability Assessment: Minimum of 60 years

Limits of Scope

  • Maximum 3 storeys for residential use
  • Bottom of the cladding must be a minimum 150mm above external ground level.
  • A minimum 25mm ventilated and drained cavity must be maintained behind the carrier board.
  • Risk of interstitial condensation within external elements subject to site- specific assessment.
  • A detailed maintenance plan must be prepared and provided to the building manager/owner on completion. As a minimum, this should include an inspection for evidence of defects twelve months after the application, and subsequently every five years.
  • The timber-frame structural elements (not part of this assessment) must be designed by a chartered structural engineer experienced in this type of structure taking into account the anticipated cladding loadings.
  • The design of the cladding system must take in to account the wind loads attributable to the geographical location of the site in terms of wind loading and resistance to pull-out of the fixings.
  • SPSenvirowall Ltd. must be contracted for the design, manufacture and, supply of the cladding system.
  • The cladding system must be installed in accordance with SPSenvirowall Ltd’s installation instructions by an installer accredited by SPSenvironwall.
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