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The Streif Panelised Building System

The Streif building system is intended for Residential, Office, Shop & Commercial, Assembly & Recreational uses.

The Streif building system is intended for use within Environmental Category C1 as defined in BS EN ISO 12944.

The Streif buildings are erected to a maximum of three and a half storeys, with no maximum floor plan area.

The vertical structure consists of discreet pre-fabricated timber frame panels fabricated offsite under factory conditions.
The external walls are generally made up of a core 160 x 60mm treated solid timber frame, lined externally and internally with 12.5mm gypsum fibreboard (fire rated walls will have 2 x 12.5mm gypsum fibreboard internally and fully filled with fire class A mineral wool insulation. The polyethylene vapour control layer is installed between the timber frame and the internal facing. The conduits for electrical cables run within the timber frame.

Limits on scope

Scheme specific elements outside of this assessment:

  • Foundations
  • Ground floor slab
  • Flat roof insulation and waterproof covering
  • Internal services
  • Internal ceiling linings
  • Sanitary fixtures and fittings
  • Internal doors
  • Fire alarms
  • External building services
  • All drainage
  • M&E installation other than electrical conduits
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