BOPAS Process

This section includes the assessment criteria against which you will be assessed when progressing BOPAS accreditation, a list of FAQs and answers relating to the scheme, addressing all potential stakeholder perspectives and queries and it also includes a link to the web based application form for ease of applying for BOPAS or BOPAS +


In response to Government led initiatives, aimed at driving digitisation and a more collaborative culture within the construction sector, BOPAS plus has been developed to introduce greater focus on the preparedness of the offsite sector to positively address the digitisation challenge.

The ‘BOPAS +’ scheme has been subject to a validation process involving four BOPAS accredited manufacturers all at different positions within the digitisation and offsite spectrum.
The BOPAS partners are now pleased to present the validated scheme and to describe to you how the enhanced scheme will integrate with the current scheme and associated schedule

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Frequently asked questions

Whether you are a Lender, developer, manufacturer, designer, constructor or project manager we aim to answer most of your questions and queries within this section but if you have residual concerns or queries following a review of the FAQs then please address those queries by contacting us.

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