As a component manufacturer I have all the necessary certification to allow me access the MMC construction market. What market advantage will BOPAS accreditation provide me that my current certification does not?

BOPAS accreditation is recognised by lenders as providing an independent assurance that buildings constructed using the construction systems and associated components covered by the accreditation process will have the durability to ensure mortgageability for a minimum of 60 years. Component manufacturers are now gaining accreditation, particularly in relation to weatherproofing and pod systems because lenders are adopting a more granular approach and seeking accreditation of key componentry that may system durability.

So I can see that BOPAS certification will be of value to my constructor customers but will it directly benefit the way my business runs and the service I offer to my immediate customers?

Yes the assessment procedures operated by LRQA UK and BLP will also support the achievement of best practice through the manufacturing and construction process leading to business performance improvement and business risk reduction.

Is BOPAS accreditation only necessary when mortgages will be required for the completed property?

Housing Association clients are often building developments incorporating some properties which will be sold to offset the capital cost of the development or may require to retain the option of selling some of the rental properties at a later date and therefore require the MMC manufacturers to be BOPAS accredited to be assured of mortgageability.

The case for BOPAS accreditation in the MMC sector tends to imply greater scrutiny is required of that sector relative to traditional build which has the effect of undermining the case for MMC construction systems

MMC construction systems have always been exposed to much greater critical scrutiny than traditional build because it is perceived to be new and therefore represents a perception of risk, both from lenders and homeowners. However standards within the MMC sector are far higher as a result of that level of scrutiny than exists within the traditional build sector where poor quality workmanship and materials predominate and through life costs are much greater.

Are Housebuilders and Developers requiring BOPAS Accreditation?

Mortgageability for developers of MMC systems represents a key risk and BOPAS accreditation recognised by the lending institutions such as UK Finance and The Building Society Association together with the principal lenders, is the means of mitigating such a risk.

Is BOPAS Accreditation a means of managing risk?

The purpose of BOPAS Accreditation is to mitigate the risk of failing to gain mortgageability, through the assurance as to the durability of the construction system and associated components and the integrity of the delivery of that construction system through design, manufacture and installation.

Is the durability assessment limited to 60 years?

The durability assessment was required by the mortgage lenders to cover two mortgage terms which represented 60 years, however that has led to the false perception that the 60 years represents the extent of the life of the construction system and so to dispel that falsehood some MMC Providers are gaining durability assessments up to 100 years

What benefit will BOPAS + provide me as a BOPAS Accredited MMC Provider?

BOPAS + Accreditation will demonstrate a commitment to the digitisation journey and through the numerically scored radar map, that will appear alongside your accreditation status, on the new BOPAS website, you will be able to demonstrate ongoing progress towards that digital destination. By this means the new BOPAS website will showcase your status as a leader in the digital revolution, within the MMC sector and as such the provision of a marketing edge.

How can I as an MMC Provider become listed on the BOPAS website?

Once an MMC Provider has signed agreements with both BLP and LRQA to progress the BOPAS scheme assessment then that Provider may be listed on the BOPAS website with Amber status which means that Provider is progressing the assessment process. Once listed the Provider has 12 months to gain accreditation which is signified within the colour coding system as green. Should the Provider fail to gain accreditation within that 12 month period then a review of progress will be undertaken which may result in removal from the site if there is not clear evidence of a commitment to progress the assessment process leading to accreditation.