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AMCM Group Ltd

PM Constructor
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AMCM Group Limited provides Construction Management services and is a Principal Contractor for Design & Build projects across a range of sectors including residential, education, commercial and health. We can also provide Pre-Construction services. Magna Off-site Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of AMCM Group which has been created to provide a turnkey principal contractor service for all types of off-site manufactured solutions. Magna’s USP is that we will charge client’s no OH&P on any pre-manufactured value whilst owning and managing traditional contracting risks for all on-site works.

We have a team of highly skilled construction professionals across a range of traditional, MMC and Design & Build projects. Whether for a new client or one of our many repeat clients, our culture is always the same; from our site operatives to the business owners, we all work for the client to achieve our shared objectives. We call this ‘in-house outsourced’.

Contact details

Tel: 020 8663 0662

Buildoffsite Lloyd's Register BLP

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