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H+H UK is Britain’s largest manufacturer of aircrete products, manufacturing the market-leading range of Celcon Blocks and H+H range of aircrete products. H+H is an innovative company leading the field in research and development, making aircrete the versatile building product it is today. H+H has been operating in the UK for 60 years and currently employs some 200 personnel. Aircrete is used in the building of masonry constructions, from homes to multi-storey dwellings, schools, offices and industrial premises. Its lightweight design and ease of use, makes it an ideal medium to build with. Operating widely throughout the UK, H+H is privileged to work with many of the largest Housebuilders in the country, as well as many smaller and more regional companies. Over the past few years, aircrete has also been promoted into the social housing arena, as it provides a practical and safe alternative to timber framed homes.

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Tel: 01789 209006

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