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BSJ system

Barclay St James Construction Ltd, are a small to medium size International contractor able to deliver as Principal Contractor or where appropriate on a sub-contact basis within the client's professional frameworks. With the group operating as developers, we are very aware of current rising construction costs and particularly the impact on project viability. We therefore pride ourselves in offering viable technical solutions to construction through new and innovative product and design. Driven by the need not only to resist the current rising cost of construction but also the apparent lack of skilled labour available and in some cases the lengthy availability and cost of building products, all without compromise to the environment, BSJ Construction has developed and owns a fully accredited and compliant non-modular steel frame construction system using UK sourced Steel and UK based manufacturing.

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BSJ system

The BSJ system solution offers significant cost savings when compared to traditional construction methods. It delivers a lower materials cost, and doesn't rely on skilled trades currently in high demand and increased speed of construction, less wastage and by significantly reducing the time spent 'on-site' to suit the required phasing for sales rate, potential reduced finance costs.

Furthermore, by using our system we aim to create the potential competitive edge within a land purchase viability to allow an advantageous offer to be produced towards securing the land package.

If the tenure is for private rent or build to rent, we are potentially able to offer 'turn-key' solution in as much as half the time by using non-traditional construction methods.

Whilst it can be used in any residential or commercial application, its strength and target audience is the housing sector. We are currently completing our accreditation under the Build Offsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) scheme and will therefore offer a 60 year building warranty, vital for any property needing to be 'mortgage able'.

The system can be offered as a fully costed 'off the shelf' house, bungalow or flatted unit, fully designed and engineered to U.K. and E.U. building regulations and current legislation and easily adapts to any specific requirement.

Our flatted solution has the current potential to deliver up to 10 storeys however, our preferred standard format offers between 4 and 6 floors.

We offer a standard house and design detail and can produce a non-standard design from your existing drawings or sketch plan.

We offer a standard cladding packages including Insulated Render, Cement Particle board and facing brick, and we are further able to move internal layouts, to within any required regulation.

We can also offer a choice of standard or bespoke internal specification packages should you require.

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