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CIDARK P3 System

The P3 System (Pre-engineered Portable Panels) is a global off-site construction system, developed around pre-engineered self-supporting panels, composed by galvanized cold rolled steel frames, thermo-acoustic insulation, coating fibre-cement boards and breathable waterproof membranes. These components are part of a standardized variety of panels than can be blind, window or door type making up both the structure and the envelope of the building.

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CIDARK P3 System

Within the P3 Panels, CIDARK has developed and patented a brand new fast-track construction technology that requires no water or cement for the assembly and is easily be shipped in conventional containers enabling the company to provide services even in hard to reach locations. Therefore, every component has been designed in a way that no heavy machinery is required during the assembly process ensuring high self-sufficiency levels.

The assembly begins by lifting the structure off the ground thanks to the structural root frames to protect the building against moisture and improve energy efficiency. Once these frames and ground floor cold rolled beams are in place the P3 Panels are screwed using linking plates until the vertical shell of the building has been completed. The flooring is formed by high density XPS and fibre-cement sandwich panels, while the roof can be constructed using a wide range of finishings, always based on different waterproof + insulation layers below, including an insulating air chamber.

The external walls are then encapsulated on-site with extra XPS insulation sandwich panels before completing the facade cladding substructure with a selection of coatings the client can select from a wide range.

The building utilities are resolved with technical partitions. These partitions are pre-installed off-site with pipes / wiring so that all connections with uprights and downspouts are performed in-situ.

The system has various third party certifications (Tecnalia Research & Innovation Centre) and reliance has been placed on this work where appropriate.

Limits on scope:

  • Maximum 6 storeys with building height not exceeding 20m.
  • CIDARK must be contracted for the design, supply and assembly supervision.
  • CIDARK must confirm the suitability of all designs by others that could impact on their frame e.g. external claddings and associated details, internal services, shafts & ducts and internal linings. A re-adaptation of the designs might be required.

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