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ILKE Homes System

The Ilke system utilises a hybrid of Light Gauge Steel and Timber construction to provide a precision engineered solution for low rise housing across a number of different architypes. The combined expertise of Elliott’s and Keepmoat means the factory produced ilke product maintains the look and feel of a traditional house, whilst offering the flexibility to deliver a variety of elevational treatments. We know that the combination of modern manufacture and traditional external design and layout will appeal to clients and consumers alike.

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ILKE Homes System

Our range of chassis footprints mean modules can be assembled in our world class facility and then shipped via standard road transport to site fully fitted and ready to install and commission in a matter of days.

The hybrid construction delivers impeccable strength, structural rigidity and thermal efficiency whilst not imposing undue weight on the structure. Therefore we are able to benefit from less intrusive foundation solutions. Depending on local ground conditions we are able to site our homes on simple 6 point pile foundations. These can be sunk in a matter of hours. Of course if ground conditions do not lend themselves to piling, we can also site the houses on a more traditional foundation.

We are able to provide external cladding across a wide spectrum – from render to various brick and stone slips, through to wood cladding. This huge flexibility of finish (as well as our different chassis footprints) allows us to satisfy a wide variety of client needs, design standards and local planning requirements.

Naturally our system benefits from the longevity expected – with an accredited lifespan of consistent with and in some cases in excess of traditional methods. Our initial intention is to focus on 2 and 3 storey solutions. However the structural rigidity and inherent strength in our system is such that we can offer up to 5 storey apartment, student accommodation or extra care solutions with no fundamental change to the structural design.

Because the houses arrive on site fully finished (with only the joint detailing internally and externally to complete, plus service connections) we are able to install up to 8 houses a day, and houses can go from initial installation to occupation in less than 2 weeks.

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