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MassBespoke™ is a parametrically enabled construction system for building envelopes designed and fabricated digitally to bespoke size and form. MassBespoke™ comprises of closed structural timber cassettes with an integrated timber frame fabricated on a CNC router with composite timber boards such as OSB and Plywood. A range of insulation products can be blown into the panels on site. The system is designed for distributed fabrication in small localized workshops.

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MassBespoke is a 'file to fabrication’ system. It is parametrically designed to enable integration of design, structural design and the fabrication process.

All building cassettes are automatically generated from bespoke, digital building designs and are digitally modelled and engineered ready for fabrication with minimal designer input from an initial design concept.

Small format of the cassettes allows them to be easily assembled and erected and avoids the need for costly large-scale machinery, transport and craning.

Digitised design and small size of cassettes also means that fabrication can be distributed to many existing workshops or made on site in flying factories close to the building sites. CNC routers, small selection of tools and assembly space is all that is needed.

MassBespoke is a structural system designed to build up to four storeys. In higher buildings the cassette are structurally integrated with a framed structure.

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