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MiSP system

All our homes are pre-constructed off site in our factory using steel as a sub base support frame with wall, floor and ceiling constructed using strong pre-formed rigid corrugated heavy duty steel for unit stability. These can be bespoke designed to any size.

We can make this possible by using our unique MiSP system allowing us to build quality homes at a fraction of the price of traditionally built properties. All our homes are all well insulated using the latest methods to achieve excellent U Values and include electric and gas heating and ventilation. All our work is constructed according to conventional Building Regulations and certified accordingly. Homes are fabricated to within 98% completion in our factory including external cladding and assembled on site using crane operating equipment.

The units are interlocked into position as construction lifting begins and stack loaded to achieve the required storey heights. They are fixed at ground floor level to provide the most stable siting for strength and weathering purposes, for example, they cannot be pulled apart once in position. Internal and external connections are carried out on site in 1 day to complete the unit home installation.

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