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Technologies and Products / Parabuild Solutions (PS)

Parabuild Solutions (PS)

PS Housing is a ‘design for manufacture and assembly’ supplier of low-cost high quality steel framed housing. We deliver to site all the components necessary to construct a house complete with internal fixtures and fittings; the galvanised light gauge steel frame structure is supplied to site pre-manufactured ready for assembly along with all required components – significantly reducing site time.

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PS's principle manufacturer are one of the largest suppliers of building materials in the world. The scale of our partners operation ensures that PS will always have the capacity, and materials, to fulfil client orders. Together with the imminent BOPAS Process accreditation, this certainty of supply allows PS to consider any project.

PS have a UK based tier 1 design team consisting of highly skilled and experienced individuals including Architects, Structural Engineers, Building Performance analysts, Health & Safety advisors and ‘off-site’ system build Project Managers. Additionally, PS have developed and pre-qualified a suite of components that integrate seamlessly with our designs; known as the PS Toolkit. This catalogue approach ensures that the specifications, structural design and finishes achieve British Standards and offer full CE/FSC accreditation. The PS Toolkit can greatly reduce the design, procurement and construction phases.

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