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Schoolhaus® is a contemporary building designed and manufactured by NZB specifically for the education sector. It is easily adaptable to provide a range of functions, to suit children of all ages and for most school grounds. Our innovative methods of delivery result in solutions with huge benefits to our clients.

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Off-site construction - The majority of works and fit out take place at our factory, enabling compressed lead times and minimum on-site disruption.

State of the art teaching and learning environment - The modern materials and technologies we use provide advanced teaching spaces which are aesthetically pleasing whilst particularly stable and durable.

Low running cost - Energy efficient methodologies ensure particularly low running costs over the 60 year life of the building.

Intelligent building management system (BMS) - The M&E systems are controlled by a combination of pre-established operating parameters governed by temperature, time, presence detection, daylight, and air quality without the need for human intervention.

Optimised for electricity, including space and water heating, lighting, and ventilation - Schoolhaus® is an intelligent electric building that does not rely on fossil fuels as an energy source.

Remote metering and monitoring of mechanical and electrical systems - Provides valuable real time information for unique educational opportunities.

Designed to minimise transportation - Unique use of 2D components and 3D modules reduces transportation of 'fresh air' and reduces the number of vehicles needed to get to site.

Highly insulated - All components are formed from Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs). SIPs are key to the energy performance of Schoolhaus®, contributing to its airtightness and thermal insulation.

Minimum construction waste - The materials we use, by nature create little waste. Off-site manufacture enables us to recycle off cuts and any timber waste is used to heat the factory.

Zero heat loss from air tight building envelope
The building envelopes are thermally efficient and air tight. Our buildings achieve air permeability of no more than 2.8m³/h/m² at 50pa.

Solar photovoltaic roof - Schoolhaus® buildings are designed to optimise the opportunity for the installation of photovoltaic panels for the on-site generation of electrical power for the Schoolhaus® and the rest of the school.

Better than carbon neutral - Schoolhaus® achieve better than net zero carbon emissions.

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