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Technologies and Products / SIPS

The system comprises structural panels manufactured as a sandwich of OSB/3 (Orientated Strand Board) to the outer faces + a core of rigid foam polyurethane insulation. The integrity of the composite panel relies on the adhesion developed between the foam and the OSB. The panels are used to form vertical wall elements and flat or sloping roof panels. The panels are connected vertically by the use of OSB/3 splines located in preformed rebates within the PUR core. Horizontal connections, corners and linings to openings are made via solid timbers which are incorporated into the edge of a panel by cutting out the necessary insulation and inserting the timber. Mechanical fixings then connect the elements together to form a rigid box type structure.

Limits on scope:

  • Maximum 4 storeys
  • Base of ground storey panels minimum of 150mm above external ground level
  • External wall claddings must have a drained and vented cavity
  • Every structure must be designed by a structural engineer including the floor construction which shall not comprise a SIP’s panel
  • The OSB must not be cut or routed to accommodate services
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