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TM Steel Frame Volumetric

Totally Modular have engineered a volumetric building system, which is both agile and flexible allowing us to create a design which can be structurally standardised, whilst allowing us to change the internal layout and external aesthetics of the buildings. Meaning our customers have the flexibility to make the layouts etc work for the specific requirements.

The principle system adopts 90 SHS corner posts with LGS beams and joists forming the skeleton frame with non load-bearing LGS infill walls (where required) effectively forming a volumetric module resembling a cuboid. Modules are stacked one above another with loads transferred down the SHS corner posts.
Insulation, membranes and lining boards are all fixed to the steel frame, internally and externally, to form a watertight, airtight and highly insulated fabric meeting and exceeding minimum building regulation requirements.

Electrics, plumbing, fixtures and fittings are also installed in the dry and clean factory environment by highly trained and skilled operatives.
Modules are transported to site by standard lorries and installed on to traditional foundation pads or screw piles using mobile cranes that lift the modules by eye bolts fixed to the corner posts and internal props. The modules are bolted to each other on site, joints sealed internally and externally, and services are connected and tested.

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