The BOPAS Accreditation Scheme supports Lenders, Developers, MMC Providers, Contractors, Housing Associations, National and Local Government and Homeowners. BOPAS Accreditation demonstrates that an MMC Provider has developed a validated construction system, supported by a delivery system that conforms to best practice which will assure consistent and competent delivery against client requirements.

High level assurance instils confidence in all stakeholders on the integrity and durability of accredited MMC Providers construction systems which will equal and surpass those of traditional construction systems providing a dynamic MMC systems market.

Residential Developments

The BOPAS scheme was developed in conjunction with the Council of Mortgage Lenders to provide assurance to the lending community that the durability of Offsite manufactured systems would exceed 60 years or two mortgage terms. As a result, residential developments served as the initial focus for the scheme this now includes Housing Associations, Local Councils and developments in the build to rent sector.

Commercial Developments

The MMC sector comprises a range of construction system but one of the most prevalent is that of modular and manufacturers who deliver such systems not only support the residential market but also schools, Hospitals, Prisons as well as Commercial Developments and BOPAS accreditation can encompass the range of modular output as may be required.

MMC Providers

The BOPAS scheme spans the spectrum of MMC Providers defining assessment criteria leading to accreditation for Designers, Manufacturers, Constructors and Project Managers. By this means not only can the manufacturer with in-house design and construction capability be accredited to deliver a development but equally a Design House, demonstrating project management capabilities for manufacture and construction may also be accredited and similarly a constructor demonstrating project management capabilities for design and manufacture.

Professional Services

A Project Management organisation with no direct involvement in any of the activities detailed in the MMC Provider section above may gain BOPAS accreditation to deliver a development provided he can demonstrate an informed oversight of the design, manufacture and construction activities appropriate to the efficient delivery of a compliant development.