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A1. BOPAS certification is recognised by lenders as providing an independent assurance that buildings correctly constructed using products covered by the certificate will have the durability to ensure mortgageability for at least 60 years. BOPAS assessment can build on existing forms of product certification but uniquely its scope of assessment extends to the completed construction.

A2. Yes the assessment procedures operated by Lloyd's Register and BLP will also support the achievement of best practice through the manufacturing and construction process leading to business performance improvement and business risk reduction.

A3. No. Housing Association clients are already requiring that their constructors are requiring product suppliers to have BOPAS certification in order to have the benefit of independent assurance that the development incorporating non-traditional construction systems will deliver consistent performance in terms of energy efficiency and durability for the 60 year design life.

A4. It is a fact that building using traditional methods leads to waste, poor quality construction, non-compliant performance in use and so on. Constructors and Developers are well aware of this but because this is the traditional way of building new homes they have developed ways of working with suppliers that allow for the necessary remediation of this unknown risk. This is hardly a positive example of modern manufacturing excellence.

A5. House-building is becoming an increasingly complicated and expensive process. House-builders and Developers are not in the business of taking on risk and the biggest risk of all will be the risk that a property is non-compliant with Building Regulations and may not be mortgageable. BOPAS certification has been recognised by Lenders as demonstrating fitness for mortgageability thus eliminating this aspect of risk. We believe that this advantage will become increasingly attractive to house-builders and developers as traditional house-building becomes increasingly complicated - and therefore more exposed to risk.

A6. Absolutely. Whether it's the risk to mortgageability, risk of non-compliance with Building Regulations, risk of failure of the completed building to perform in use - BOPAS certification helps manage risk.

A7. All approved methods of construction and their manufacturers are detailed on the BOPAS website at The BOPAS site includes construction details and lists locations where the same method has been used nationally. The presence of a particular construction method on the site confirms that the method has been approved in principle for lending purposes. It does not guarantee a mortgage because that will depend on the location of the particular property under consideration and any recommendations contained in the valuer's report, including the value placed on the property.

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