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The process accreditation, which is performed by Lloyd’s Register, evaluates and facilitates the adoption of best practice by manufacturers and constructors. This is achieved by focussing on key risk areas including; risk management, competency management configuration management, procurement management, process control and performance management and improvement at each stage of project development, through concept, design, manufacture and construction.

A structured and systematic approach to the assessment is adopted to ensure consistency and repeatability of the delivered product.

The assurance of repeatability, delivered through the accreditation process, will provide assurance to:

  • Asset valuers, mortgage valuers and surveyors providing for a more consistent through-life performance of the innovative systems/products and therefore reduced variability in asset value
  • The provision of latent defects insurance, as any form of variability in the system or product warranted, introduces greater risk for the warrantor.

Once the organisation applies to become BOPAS accredited and the process is underway, the company details will be shown in the accredited organisations list using the traffic light system.

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