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Tempohousing system

Tempohousing has developed a prefabricated housing system that concentrates on key features that are seen as revolutionary compared to traditional ways of construction with concrete and all on site activities. Originally started in 2002 in The Netherlands, the Tempohousing prefabricated modular homes and hotels can be found in many countries, where customers have successfully implemented their projects with the Tempohousing technology.

The Tempohousing prefabricated modules are fully completed off site, in a dedicated and protected factory environment, that enables maximum quality control and very limited work on site after delivery, thus speeding up the building process in a phenomenal way. Compared to traditional buildings of panellised system, the delivery speed of Tempohousing cannot be beaten by anyone else. The system comes in various sizes (width, height, length) and structural designs so customers in many different markets can be served, both in the residential sector from small (student) to large size (apartments) and in the hotel sector. The complete modules come with tailor made insulation solutions as well as many other energy saving features following the customer’s requirements.

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The six key features of the Tempohousing systems are:

  • Smart design: all modules are based on steel frame units that can be delivered from different factories with different sizes and wall / floor / ceiling assembly and choice of materials. We are not stuck with one single engineering choice or a single production line that offers no flexibility. Even modules fully made of light weight concrete are part of the product line of Tempohousing. Every customer and every project are different, so we are ready to meet many different requirements. While focusing on multi-floor projects, we typically build 5 floors projects but a high-rise solution up to 20 floors can also be offered.
  • High quality product: due to full preparation in a factory environment, choice of premium materials and smart designs throughout, Temphousing can offer excellent quality products.
    Delivery with the speed of light: with a long history of designing and delivering projects with a very tight timeline, we have been able to present integrated designs that shortens the on-site assembly time significantly.
  • Highly economical solution: the integrated design of all components necessary to complete the entire project, including connectors, access system, roof, facade and foundation offers a very smooth “click and go” solution, thus saving immensely on capital expense for the funders of the construction project.
  • Future proof: we all share the same planet and the same resources, so todays housing projects demand no less than a low carbon foot print and excellent energy performance of the design, leading to a responsible approach in building homes and lowering the day to day cost for the home owner or tenant. Therefore, we are proud to say that Tempohousing homes are ready for a bright future.
  • Flexible and relocatable: when all homes or hotel rooms arrive “plug and play” on the construction site for easy and quick assembly to complete the project, it is also possible – if this is required – to disassemble the entire project and rebuild it on another location. It may not be necessary at all, but this feature just comes for free with all Tempohousing projects


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