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Getting onside with offsite can spark UK manufacturing

Getting onside with offsite can spark UK manufacturing

02 Oct 2019

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‘Getting onside with offsite can spark UK manufacturing’ says Jeff Maxted, Director of technical consultancy at BLP Insurance.

The McAvoy Group

Image: The McAvoy Group

With traditional elements of the British manufacturing sector exhibiting stark signs of decline, it’s time for the industry to adapt and further diversify, placing more emphasis on contemporary manufacturing activity, such as the burgeoning offsite construction market. As measured by the CIPS Purchasing Manager Index (PMI), the UK manufacturing sector has languished in recession for the past three out of the last four months.

Manufacturing output has contracted significantly owing to on-going uncertainties of international trade tensions, indicators of a decelerating global growth and of course, Brexit. Traditional manufacturing sectors, for example car production, continue to struggle. A more diverse, long-term manufacturing strategy is clearly needed that supports emerging technologies, and creates skilled, well-paid employment.

Owing to its controlled factory environment, the benefits of offsite construction over traditional methods are clear: greater accuracy, speed and precision, reliability of materials and manufacture, improved performance and a reduction in construction costs, as units can be delivered at scale and through repeatable design. The widespread implementation of offsite construction can help bolster the UK manufacturing industry, while positively contributing to the severe housing crisis plaguing Britain’s towns and cities.

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Author: Jeff Maxted, BLP Insurance

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