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The EneGroup Volumetric System

The EneGroup Volumetric System comprises highly engineered structural steel frames, factory-produced from high quality grade S355 steel, which compares to that used in high-rise steel-framed/site-erected buildings. Off-site manufacturing ensures that all welding and fabrication is monitored, under the Enewall ISO9000 Quality Management System, which is audited annually.

The EneGroup Volumetric System

The Volumetric System is not to be confused with basic ‘modular’ type construction, as ‘modular’ construction does not offer the benefit of independently designed and fabricated structural frames, which therefore sets EneGroup aside from this analogy. In short the system produces a structural steel-framed building, built off-site as opposed to traditional steel-erection methods usually employed on site. The benefits of this are primarily quality, cost and health & safety aspects are highly controlled.

Due to the inherent structural integrity of the system there are no issues associated with settlement or shrinkage. The system can be designed up to 14-storeys in height using standard detailing and up to 22-storeys utilising additional construction methodology.

The design life of the EneGroup Volumetric System is 60 years, offering it ‘robust’ status in terms of any paralleled traditional buildings, whereas the structural steel has a lifespan of 200 years.

All materials used in the construction of the EneGroup Volumetric System are currently utilised throughout the UK and are common to most traditional building sites, and it is merely the innovative manner in which these materials are brought together to form the system that makes it ‘unique’.

Due to the quality and accuracy of build, the EneGroup Volumetric System provides an extremely energy-efficient and air-tight building envelope which exceeds all current U.K. Building Legislation (average 2.18m2/m3/hr @ 50Pa)

The Volumetric System can provide a range of ‘U’ values, depending on the level of insulation required and a value as low as 0.113W/m2K has been provided for a social housing project.

The fire-resistance of the Volumetric System is such that it currently exceeds all current building legislation with independent testing exceeding 62mins.

Acoustic performance is also a key factor in choosing the EneGroup Volumetric System as its ability to attenuate direct, indirect and flanking sound transmission is due to the innovative design and construction features. In modular and traditional type buildings it is necessary to introduce an increased mass density of material, particularly in party floors, to achieve compliant levels of sound reduction. Within the Volumetric System, the ‘compartments’ are inherently separated; this allows the mass of materials and costs to be reduced, as well as the sound transmission. EneGroup utilise the expertise of Professor Sean Smith, Napier University relative to acoustic detailing and testing.

The EneGroup Volumetric System has a huge degree of flexibility through form, function, variability of external cladding materials, ability to span large areas without reliance on loadbearing walls, serviceability, adaptability and future-proofing through continuous research, development & innovation.

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